If a Journey Begins with a Thousand Steps, this Journal Begins with 212 Words.

All Journal entries and photos by Katherine Jurgens – unless otherwise noted or quoted.

Hello. Welcome to Cry Wild’s Journal. That’s a nicer word than “blog,” don’t you think? Blog blog blog can too readily devolve into blah blah blah, whereas a “journal,” at least this journal, invites you to participate in a journey. Our destination: the realm of all things wild and wonderful. Our guides: the scientists, writers, artists and wildlife we meet along the way.

Some paths will lead us to individuals and organizations dedicated to protecting and conserving wildlife through rescue, rehabilitation and release programs. Others will intersect with the work of artists, writers and photographers who inspire empathy and reconnection to the natural world, all will explore and discuss what the discoveries we make reveal about how we humans fit into Nature’s overall big picture.

“You have to understand to care,” says Maggie Howell, director of the Wolf Conservation Center of New York – our journey’s first port of call.

The Wolf Conservation Center, like many of the endeavors that will be featured here, affords onsite and online public education programs, opportunities to sustain its work through donations and a legislator link to promote citizen advocacy.

Yes, calling or writing your government representatives and speaking up for wildlife and the wilderness counts as a valuable contribution, because, as

R.D. Lawrence often said: “Writers have the last word.”

R.D. Lawrences at his Wolf Hollow writing desk, circa 1990 (photo provided by Sharon Lawrence)

Journal Entries

“Arbor Day 2022 ~ 150 Years of Celebrating Trees”

April 2022 – Swaying to the breeze, seeing the rhyme in a tree-line. Two poets hold centre stage on this month’s Journal page.

“Coast to Coast Coyote Q&A”

March 2022 – If we learn to ask the right questions can the answers help us look at life from the coyote’s point of view? Maybe learning which questions to ask can help people realize coyotes have their own lives worth pursuing ~ and every right to the habitats they live in: urban, suburban, rural and woodland.

“A Challenge ~ in the form of a Letter written by Sharon Lawrence”

September/October 2021 – 100 Acts of Green

“Happy Birthday R.D. Lawrence – A Centenary Celebration”

September 2021 – The Cry Wild Journal will for the coming year periodically feature the anecdotes and musings of those who knew R.D. Lawerence, whether personally or through correspondence.

“From No Reply to Reply All”

August 2021 Wildlife Biologists and other Wolf Advocates are hoping the general public will join their call for science-based stewardship and more respectful relations with wolves. Advocacy Groups and their contact information appears at the bottom of this entry. Please consider lending your voice and support to their work.

“Fa La La Local Giving”

Holiday Season 2020 – A gift giving guide for those who prefer to support local wildlife charities.

“The Wolf Conservation Center of New York”

Lockdown Spring 2020 – Learning about wolves is key to protecting wolves. If you want to discover how and why that’s true … click the button below. Thank you.

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