100 Acts of Green

A Letter and a Challenge ~ addressed to ALL, published by The Times: Minden Ontario

By Sharon Lawrence –

To the editor:

R.D.Lawrence was a literary icon and a champion of environmental issues.

September 12, 2021, will mark the 100th year of his birth.

Lawrence was a field biologist, journalist, wildlife rehabilitator and a veteran of WWll. He was a superb storyteller and an award winning author, published internationally.

The Lawrences owned a wilderness property in the Haliburton Highlands where they raised, rehabilitated and released injured and orphaned wildlife.

To celebrate this centennial event, I challenge you to perform “100 Acts of Green”, in 100 hours, 100 days, or 100 years!  Add new “Acts of Green” to your daily routine. Try freecycle, thrift stores, vintage stores, clothes swaps, DIY up cycle, and reclaimed materials. Ditch disposables and plastic bags.

Most importantly, plant a tree somewhere.

Organize a family or neighbourhood tree planting. Forests are the lungs of the world.

Visit the Minden Hills Library to view a display of Lawrence’s books, and pick up a complimentary copy of Paddy.

Sharon Lawrence

Respect all life.

Cry Wild addendum… a helpful organization that echoes Sharon Lawrence’s challenge can be found at Random Acts of Green ~ Canada.

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