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Yesterday is the experience that allows a person to live today, in order to be ready for tomorrow.”

R.D. Lawrence

Preserving and raising awareness of the lifework of R.D. Lawrence, author, naturalist, educator.

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R.D. Lawrence, 1980s.

photo by: Murray Palmer

Hello. Welcome to Cry Wild. This website seeks to celebrate, explore and engender the kind of all-senses engaged curiosity and wonder that informed the late R.D. Lawrence’s wildlife writing, conservation and educational work.

Cry Wild’s Books section may prove of particular use and interest to those new to R.D. Lawrence’s nature writing. An ever ongoing creation, it is still working to incorporate the more than 30 books Lawrence wrote over the course of about 30 years. Published in 26 countries and translated into 15 languages, a number of these books became best sellers and garnered prestigious awards, mostly because of Lawrence’s very human and companionable voice.

Because, no matter how remote the patch of woods or waterways he explored, how common or rare the animals he encountered or how long ago he left his tracks in the snow, Lawrence’s generous and clear voice is as relatable and relevant as ever, helping us center ourselves in the wilderness, inviting us to share in the discoveries he made.

To be clear, as this website is being crafted in a time of Climate Disruption, there is a timeless currency to the late author’s writing that invites us to consider a different way of living – a respectful way born of actually paying attention to the environment, to being fully alive to our surroundings and the life playing out all around us.

So check back frequently to see which titles have been added to the Books section. Therein you’ll find capsule summaries, excerpts and links to sites offering books for sale. None of the links are meant as endorsements of any particular book sellers. This site receives no fee or assistance from any of the sellers listed. The links are simply breadcrumbs meant to help you more easily find the books you might like to read. And, oh, what a treat of exploration is in store for you! How wonderful to read an R.D. Lawrence book for the first time, or, if you are familiar with his writing, to discover one of his earlier harder to find works. I’m excited for you.

And there’s more to read as you poke around this site in general: a 1921-2003 timeline of RD Lawrence’s life and the continuing adventures afforded by the Cry Wild Journal. The Journal is written and compiled by yours truly. Its first entry features a lively and going concern known as the Wolf Conservation Center of New York. There’s also a Shop Local gift giving guide in support of wildlife rehabilitation and release centers.

And please do send a message if you have suggestions or comments. All photos and articles are the work of Katherine Jurgens, unless otherwise stated or captioned.

Explore, Discover, Enjoy.

“There are no villains or heroes in the forest, for every creature has its own part to play…” R.D. Lawrence.

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