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“Timber Wolves” from an original drawing by Nancy Gray Ogle

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My favorite pancake rHestaurant

“If You’re Murray Palmer, Get In.”

A Centenary Celebration Contribution By Murray Palmer — Peterborough, Canada The Cardboard sign propped up on a rock pile at the concession road along the highway driven by the bus to Sudbury read: “Murray Palmer, Wait Here. I’ll Be Back for You.” A station wagon pulled up, and the rugged but handsome man driving it…

In Praise of Wolves

Anyone who has had a close relationship with wolves can never forget them. In some unexplainable way, these animals are able to give to their human friends an awareness and an understanding of life that was missing before the relationship. Perhaps this is because wolves are so extraordinarily perceptive and so joyfully eager to appraise…

The North Runner

The yellow eyes bored into mine as the lips parted, wrinkled, and drew back into a silent snarl, showing the great fangs and the moist cavern of the mouth. He was without a doubt the most ill-kept, the most beaten-up, and the biggest sled dog that I had ever seen, and he was probably the…

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