Nature’s Masterpiece

In the many years that I have been studying the natural world, I have come to respect all wild beings and to see them in their true perspective, organisms that have each been created for a particular purpose and that, together, contribute to the well-being and continuity of the world’s natural environments, sharks no less so than any other animals. Unfortunately, however, because selachians live in a habitat that poses enormous difficulties for those who wish to study it, the behavior of these interesting fish is still not well understood. As a result, the majority of people find it hard, if not impossible, to view them with sympathy and unerstanding.

As the sharks themselves have taught me, they much prefer to mind their own business provided they are not interfered with. The majority of them behave peacefully when not engaged in hunting for their natural food. They do not like trespassers, but even when they are encroached upon, they rarely attack without first warning of their intention to do so, giving an intruder an opportunity to retreat. If we ever manage to understand the rules governing territorial etiquette within the world of sharks, it may well b possible to greatly reduce the number of attacks.

As a child, I became fond of sharks I kept as pets, the majority accepting me as fully as I accepted them. They quickly learned to recognize me and to understand that whenever I entered the water I invariably carried food with me. Never once was I bitten. Later, as an adult, my views became altered by mythology and biological training to such an extent that, for some years, I lost my appreciation of sharks, thinking of them as specimens that could be killed or otherwise used for experiments in the “cause of science.” It was not until I began to do research in Angola that I once again started to think of sharks as fellow beings.

“Shark! – Nature’s Masterpiece (c) 1985 R.D. Lawrence ISBN 1-881527-57-3

Published by Katherine Jurgens

Katherine M. Jurgens _______________________________________________________________________ MULTIMEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS 2013-2015: Achieved a Masters of Science Degree in Journalism at Quinnipiac University’s School of Communications – an institution ranked 7th among LinkedIn’s 2014 “Top 10 Best Schools for Media Professionals.” * Earned an annual academic scholarship from Quinnipiac: Final GPA: 3.97 Awarded a “Faculty Award for Academic Excellence” upon graduation: May 2015. Communication’s School responsibilities included production and participation in a weekly live QNN News Broadcast, the creation of a twice-weekly blog and a multi-media capstone project that explored a blind naturalist’s efforts to embolden blind and visually impaired people to embark on wilderness adventures: PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT 1996/2002 News Reporter, The Daily Messenger, Canandaigua, NY • Covered news, features and local politics for this daily Rochester area newspaper. • Contributed front and local front page photographs • Responsible for organizing, compiling and writing content for the annual Athena Awards – Women of Excellence advertising feature magazine. • Responsible for editing press-releases, writing content and organizing The Daily Messenger’s annual 200 page Finger Lakes Vacation Guide 1999/2001 Freelance Screenwriter, La Barge Media, Rochester, NY Commissioned to write content for business-to-business, educational and tourism marketing videos for this start-up video company. 8/86-6/88 News Reporter, Bucks Free Press, High Wycombe, England Covered news, features and The Oxford Regional Health Authority for this twice weekly paper outside of London. 6/84-6/85 News Reporter, The Suburban Trends, Butler, NJ Covered politics, general news and features as reporter/photographer for this twice-weekly paper in one of New York’s affluent suburbs. EDUCATION MS JOURNALISM, QUINNIPIAC UNIVERSITY, CT BA ENGLISH, WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY, NJ Hiatus Activities 2012-Present: Researching and writing health, conservation and human interest articles for local newspapers and local and national magazines. 2003-2011: Busy parent of two active high school musicians, supervised annual summer activities for niece in Ontario, Canada, contributed news-letter articles and participated in fundraising activities for Tioga Terrace Civic Association, worked at Pier One Imports: achieved Associate of the Quarter. Relocated from New York to Connecticut for employment, new opportunities and higher education. * See more at: .

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